Plant engineering

In recent years, Anneliese has invested heavily in plant engineering. On the one hand, in order to be able to manufacture more efficiently and remain competitive, on the other hand, in order to ensure consistent qualities and be independent of suppliers.

The success of recent years has shown that this is the right path. Anyone who nowadays produces on a high technological level has a good chance of successfully positioning his company in the market.

Recently, a fully automatic coating plant was invested. The basis for this was the requirements of our customers. Both economic and hygienic reasons indicate that in the future more coated products will be used in the bakery.

Anneliese has decided to be part of this development from the very beginning.

In order to build a competitive edge, Anneliese engineers have dealt with a variety of coating options and materials. Nowadays, a robot-controlled system is used to coat all types of sheet metal and boxes. The processes and materials are adapted to the special use in the bakery.