Maintenance for coated products

Before first use:

• Clean the tins or trays with water or wet fabric. Dry thoroughly.
• Usually, greasing of forms and trays is not necessary.
• In case that dough does stick to the product, grease the tins or trays slightly and repeat as required.


• For cleaning use only water with commercially available neutral cleaning agent (ph7).
• Cleaning has to be done with a soft jet of water and/or soft cleaning brushes. Don’t plunge or use high pressure.

Careful use of coated trays and tins:

• Empty trays and tin sets must not be stored in heated ovens. This heavily compromises the lifetime of anti-stick coatings.
• Thoroughly dry the trays and tin sets bevor inserting goods. Water residues make the products stick to the tray or tin and can damage the coating.

Avoiding damages of surfaces:

• Stack trays and tins in a way that cannot damage the coating.
• Don’t use scraping tools, hard brushes, etc. for cleaning. • Pastries must not be cut inside the trays or tins.

Cleaning and maintenance instructions for coated trays and tins