Shaped sheet metal samples for industrial plants

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Variants (Please select)
Baguette trays
shaped trays
Special features
Particularly stable design with deep-drawn sheet metal made from one piece and torsion-resistant stainless steel tubular frame
Sheet material
0.88 mm aluminized sheet steel
Floor arch
Flat bottom or convex bottom according to customer requirements, hamburger or hot dog shapes in different sizes, shapes and dimensions on request
on demand
Frame configuration
Customer and / or system-specific framework
Sampling service
1.Are you planning a new plant? Involve us in the sampling of your specific sheet metal configuration at an early stage. We are specialists in individual shaped sheet metal samples and manufacture for systems from all leading manufacturers such as GBT, Gouet, Gostol, Mecatherm, Rademaker, Werner & Pfleiderer and others.