Dough logistics

On the way to the customer, the sensitive goods are exposed to many negative influences. However, the customer expects a top product. From the picking to the branch, the smooth and hygienic transport is obligatory. Already during the processing of the dough, transport logistics begins. The ready-to-roll dough rolls are loaded directly, then transferred to the GU or freezer cell without reloading and can be transported to the branch at a later date.


One of the most unpopular and strenuous work in bakery production - turning the bread doughs. Anneliese presents with the WendeMeister an efficient and favorable solution. The dough pieces are produced the day before for the next day. After being deposited on the crutches, they are stored in the ferry wagon. Before the turning process, the perforated plates are locked by a simple handgrip. The ferry wagon is driven up and anchored by a pneumatic system. The floor plate lowers again, so that the ferry car can easily be turned 180 °.