The Anneliese Snackline


Increase efficiency while keeping the artisan style of your sandwiches and filled rolls!

- Adaptable (e.g. steplessly variable conveyor belt speed)
- versatile (switch from one recipe to the next within minutes)
- ergonomic (everything is in easy reach)
- mobile (move Snackline to where it is needed or stored)
- compact (slim-line set-up with storage)
- hygienic (easy to clean)

Snackline von Anneliese inklusive einiger Extras

More details

The Snackline is equipped with a direct-drive motor, which operates without oil and gearbox.
The conveyor belt is very easy to remove, and thus easy to clean. Of course, the electric parts are splash protected.

Optional extras:

- LEDs for optimal lighting
- display screens for your recipes
- pre-programming of belt speed per product
- conveyor belt available in various lengths
- accessories and storage modules