"The turning of dough pieces" in the bakery Weiss & Sohn, Tostedt.

One of the most unpopular and strenuous work in bakery production - turning the bread doughs. Anneliese presents with the WendeMeister an efficient and favorable solution.

The WendeMeister helps:
- Save time
- Protect personnel and equipment
- improve fermentation results

1. Dough production

The dough pieces are produced the day before for the next day. After being deposited on the crutches, they are stored in the ferry wagon. Even at this production stage, a 2-perforated perforated plate is placed on the fall box. The dough pieces are brought directly into the fermentation machines in the fully equipped ferry wagon.

2. Gare

The dough pieces are kept refrigerated throughout the day in a fully automatic machine. When the dough has reached its level the next morning, usually the very elaborate and strenuous turning by hand begins. This work is now being carried out at the Bäckerei Weiß & Sohn now semi-automatically with the Wendemeister.

3. Apply

Before the turning process, the perforated plates are locked by a simple handgrip. The ferry wagon is driven up and anchored by a pneumatic system. The floor plate lowers again, so that the ferry car can easily be turned 180 °. The trolley remains in this position until all the plates are removed. The reversing master took over the normally tedious work of "turning by hand".

4. Removal

The dough pieces are now placed on the perforated plate. The lock is released again. The employee removes the metal sheets and pushes them into the adjacent rack cart. The crutches remain in the ferry wagon. The ferry wagon is returned to its original position, driven out of the Wendemeister and transported to the bun plant. Here the fall boxes can dry and are available for re-laying. "