Dough logistics

Smooth and hygienic transport.

On the way to the customer, the sensitive goods are exposed to many negative influences. However, the customer expects a top product. From the picking to the branch, the smooth and hygienic transport is obligatory.


Already during the processing of the dough, transport logistics begins. The ready-to-roll dough rolls are loaded directly, then transferred to the GU or freezer cell without reloading and can be transported to the branch at a later date.


The goods are delivered to the driver in perfect condition. In closed roll containers hygienically "guarded", every product can safely be launched.

Road dust, exhaust fumes, rain and other environmental influences affecting baked goods have little chance of being transported in roll containers. All products reach the sales area or the customer in 1a-quality. And all this without having to wear laboriously.


In the store all products, which are not in the shelf or the counter, can be stored clearly. Stacked baskets are now a thing of the past. At a glance you can see which products are still in stock.