Mold formation, stick stains or change of fabric?

Unfortunately, the long-term care of fall boxes is still a "chefsache" in many bakeries. Because your bakers are there for baking and not for cleaning.

The fact is that the regular cleaning of crates in the bakery is complex and time-consuming, and the routine routine of the day is very disturbing. These are the decisive reasons why the cleaning time is often pushed back and forth.

Often also the suitable premises are missing, in order to clean a larger number of boxes "in a Aufwasch". Critical is the cleaning of contaminated boxes in the bakery, but it must be avoided that the mold spores from dirty boxes do not "fly" through the operation and settle on clean boxes or baked products.

Since 1989 Anneliese offers the problem solution, which is used today in Germany over 200,000 times.